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What are people reading on Mastodon?

April 18, 2023
Toot LinkedIn

Here's another nifty thing you can do on fedistats: You probably have a couple of favorite sites to know what's happening. Many sites also do a good job of putting the interesting articles where you can find them. But sometimes there is too much, or you just want to know what the trending headlines are.

Fedistats let's you see articles aggregated by site. For example, just as I'm writing this, this is what the fedistats view of the Guardian looks like:

Site trends for the guardian

You see there is nice periodic activity, and the hashtags that are currently most active. Below that you see the article on the Guardian ordered by daily posts to give you a quick view what is new and what is trending.

There are plenty of other news sites: bbc.com, reuters.com, latimes.com, cnn.com, or even foxnews.com if you're into that kind of thing... .

For my German speaking readers, there is spiegel.de, heise.de, or tagesschau.de.

There is also some work to do as some sites don't like my crawler it seems (for example bloomberg.com).

What's a good Substack?

News sites usually do a good job of putting up a landing page optimized for what's interesting, but what about other sites? For example, what is trending on substack? Here's the page as it is right now:

Trending posts from substack.com

Or how about figuring out what's trending on medium.com?

Trending posts from medium.com

What are you interested in?

So these are a few pointers to get you started. If you find particularly interesting things, let me know! I've been following mostly AI related news and frequently find good content on fedistats, but then again, it's also the tool I've built. I'd love if it would become more useful to other people as well!

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