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From fedoraproject.org

Fedora AI/ML Survey is Live until July 31st

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Hello folks, I had posted this to the original discussion thread last week, but to make sure everyone is aware of its existence, I wanted to post it in this section too. The Fedora Council has created a survey that we would love for you to take a few minutes to complete on AI/ML. The aim of...

#AI #ml #opensource #linux #Fedora

1h ago

From github.com

Filing waivers in Fedora fails with `[ERROR] waiverdb.app: User info field 'sub' is unavailable; available are: dict_keys([])` · Issue #219 · release-engineering/waiverdb

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Several folks have reported recently that filing waivers for Fedora no longer works (I am tempted to call this a feature, but I'd probably get pelted with rotten fruit). Looking at the logs, we see...

#Fedora #rawhide

18h ago

From fedoraproject.org

Thunderbird flatpak downgraded automatically!? | v115 -> v128 -> v115

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I woke up this morning and decided to check for updates in Software app. I noticed a few, plus system updates so ran them. I remember seeing Thunderbird reported something weird like ‘v128 [arrowright] v115’. I am making that up but I remember two numbers and the left hand one was a higher...

#flathub #thunderbird

55m ago

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