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18294 nodes with 1800563.9M users and 328929.6M posts

This is an index of nodes that have been active in the last 24 hours. You can sort by daily or weekly posts and number of active users and search node addresses. (More information)

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Showing first 50 out of 10850 of nodes with more than 5 users.


The original server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

Total: 2.0M 92.4M 71.7k Today: 10.0k 56.4k


A newer server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

Total: 192.1k 8.8M 47.0k Today: 741 4.9k


A mirror of Twitter press accounts.

Total: 95 26.3k 17.8k Today: 57 3.7k


A general-purpose Mastodon server with a 500 character limit. All languages are welcome.

Total: 227.0k 16.5M 63.2k Today: 567 2.7k


Total: 7 172.2k 8.2k Today: 6 2.4k


Total: N/A N/A N/A Today: 120 2.3k


Total: N/A N/A N/A Today: 92 2.1k


Generic Mastodon server for anyone to use.

Total: 182.8k 5.7M 37.1k Today: 302 1.6k


Total: 16 360.9k 8.1k Today: 13 1.6k


Be one with the #fediverse. Join millions of humans building, creating, and collaborating on Mastodon Social Network.

Total: 79.6k 3.2M 30.4k Today: 270 1.5k


Hachyderm is a safe space, LGBTQIA+ and BLM, primarily comprised of tech industry professionals world wide. Note that many non-user account types have restrictions - please see our About page.

Total: 52.8k 3.0M 37.8k Today: 521 1.4k


Hello! mas.to is a fast, up-to-date and fun Mastodon server.

Total: 173.3k 8.1M 47.3k Today: 411 1.3k


A Mastodon instance for info/cyber security-minded people.

Total: 67.5k 3.0M 44.8k Today: 479 1.2k


UK Hosted and Managed Mastodon Instance. General communal space for discussion, everyone welcome!

Total: 79.7k 3.3M 35.6k Today: 265 1.1k


Total: 7 136.6k 7.4k Today: 5 1.0k


Welcome to Newsmast. Knowledge-sharing social media with a conscience, built around communities and powered by Mastodon.

Total: 2.1k 95.0k 18.7k Today: 45 1.0k


A general Mastodon server for all languages.

Total: 73.5k 2.3M 64.3k Today: 98 951


Total: N/A N/A N/A Today: 207 925


A Mastodon instance for bots and bot allies.

Total: 8.9k 28.9M 42.4k Today: 375 909


Mastodon voor de Nederlandse community - door de Nederlandse community

Total: 41.4k 2.0M 38.2k Today: 142 887


chaos.social – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community

Total: 12.1k 6.4M 66.0k Today: 335 805


A stable and professionally administered Mastodon server that hosts a large number of journalists and news outlets. Content focuses heavily on news and current events. #newstodon

Total: 20.8k 1.1M 128.0k Today: 86 757


«Вот скажи мне, американец, в чём сила? Разве в деньгах? Вот и брат говорит, что в деньгах. У тебя много денег, и чего? Я вот думаю, что сила в правде: у кого Правда, тот и сильнее» (с) Данила Багров.

Total: 228.9k 1.7M 9.5k Today: 2 744


無論在海外定係在香港,有關生活/留學/工作/旅遊/旅居/問題,想識同路人想講故事想問想呻想分享想鬧想讚,我們都是香港人。 我們的伺服器在德國,所有個人資料有 GDPR 保障。

Total: 304 551.0k 19.5k Today: 60 733


We welcome all marginalized identities. This Mastodon instance is generally for folks who are LGBTQIA+ and Allies with an interest in tech work, academics, or technology in general.

Total: 13.8k 3.0M 41.5k Today: 184 655


Total: N/A N/A N/A Today: 89 652


Ukraine-supporting, LGBTQ-friendly, Mastodon server.

Total: 8 28.2k 13.2k Today: 2 634


Fosstodon is a Mastodon instance that is open to anyone who is interested in technology; particularly free & open source software.

Total: 61.9k 3.4M 51.3k Today: 324 630


防災情報を提供する特務機関NERVの専用インスタンスです。地震・津波情報は @earthquake、東京都の情報は @Tokyo といったように、情報種類や地域ごとに、必要な情報だけを選んでリモートフォローすることができます。詳しくは、アカウントの一覧をお読みください。

Total: 234 1.4M 14.4k Today: 1 612


This is the personal Mastodon server of Ben, AI6YR. Friends and friends of friends welcome (I personally approve everyone who joins here, so it might take some time!).

Total: 551 885.4k 21.9k Today: 39 605


Welcome to Flipboard on Mastodon. A place for our community of curators and enthusiasts to inform and inspire each other. If you'd like to join please request an invitation via the sign-up page.

Total: 3.6k 167.6k 24.9k Today: 42 598


Total: 13 324.4k 2.5k Today: 6 571


Hallo im troet.cafe! Dies ist die derzeit größte deutschsprachige Mastodon Instanz zum tröten, neue Leute kennenlernen, sich auszutauschen und Spaß zu haben.

Total: 43.9k 4.2M 37.9k Today: 221 555


Mastodon server for the MetaWarrior Army

Total: 6 60.7k 2.6k Today: 2 538


A community for Canadians, First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Peoples of the great white north.

Total: 34.8k 2.5M 36.1k Today: 155 530


This server is hosted by OSINTukraine.com, its purpose is to host a set of bots auto-sharing DeepL translated post from the Russian and Ukrainian Telegram ecosystems.

Total: 15 758.4k 10.3k Today: 3 501


Kolektiva is an anti-colonial anarchist collective that offers federated social media to anarchist collectives and individuals in the fediverse. For the social movements and liberation!

Total: 37.8k 2.7M 53.6k Today: 141 495



Total: 38.9k 17.1M 36.7k Today: 80 478


Mastodon.ART — Your friendly home on the fediverse for all things creative, all on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free. NO AI OR NFTs ALLOWED.

Total: 37.0k 3.5M 48.7k Today: 226 477


Total: N/A N/A N/A Today: 223 451


Operated by Grateful Dread Peace Media for people who love peace and love.

Total: 12 141.2k 17.9k Today: 6 443


Everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct! Thank you. Mastodon.cloud is maintained by Sujitech, LLC.

Total: 273.7k 5.4M 47.4k Today: 66 406


A server intended for (but not limited to) users in Scotland or who identify as Scottish.

Total: 28.8k 2.0M 39.2k Today: 127 405


This instance has a focus on IT security, general computing, retro video games and game collector discussion. Please, no #NSFW and other 18+ discussion on this instance. See rules for more details

Total: 142 502.1k 24.2k Today: 5 400


Piaille.fr est un serveur mastodon public francophone accessible à toutes et à tous.

Total: 30.0k 2.2M 29.9k Today: 163 396


A worldwide Mastodon instance from The Netherlands. Run by digital enthusiasts, inviting everyone, everywhere to join us in the #fediverse.

Total: 31.1k 1.5M 32.7k Today: 130 393


A place for the latest news from and about sports clubs

Total: 109 241.8k 12.2k Today: 38 385


Moin! Dies ist eine Mastodon Instanz für Nordlichter, Schnacker und was sonst noch so aus dem Norden kommt. Folge dem Leuchtturm.

Total: 13.2k 2.3M 40.1k Today: 156 373


Welcome to thundertoot! A Mastodon Instance for the People.

Total: 25.1k 2.4M 36.7k Today: 136 367


A Mastodon instance for the San Francisco Bay Area. Come on in and join us!

Total: 38.7k 2.3M 43.0k Today: 143 363