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16879 nodes with 1800567.8M users and 328973.5M posts

This is an index of nodes that have been active in the last 24 hours. You can sort by daily or weekly posts and number of active users and search node addresses. (More information)

You can also filter by language (e.g. "lang:de") or nodes that are blocked (e.g. "blocks:threads.net").


The original server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

Total: 1.8M 83.8M 69.3k Today: 9.2k 43.9k


Mementomori.social is a social media for mortals. We connect with the Fediverse, used by millions. This instance is backed by a Finnish company, digital web agency Digitoimisto Dude Oy.

Total: 255 95.3k 25.1k Today: 31 74


Tämä on ihmisille tarkoitettu suomenkielinen Mastodon-instanssi, jota moderoidaan aktiivisesti.

Total: 5.2k 308.1k 29.0k Today: 29 51


Pier pask prööt

Total: 99 165.3k 18.6k Today: 16 45


Mastodon instanssi duukkiksen boteille ja kaipa tänne muitakin mahtuu.

Total: 18 32.5k 4.6k Today: 3 39


Suomalaisille vasemmistolaisille suunnattu mastodon instanssi, minkä pointtina on avata fediverseenkin paikka meille goblineille, jotka ollaan paossa Twitteristä!

Total: 196 63.2k 20.1k Today: 5 17


A general-purpose Mastodon server with a 500 character limit. All languages are welcome.

Total: 224.2k 15.4M 61.2k Today: 601 3.2k


Private server for friends and mutuals somewhere in cyberspace 💆‍♂️ Closing 1 May 2024.

Total: 6 11.8k 18.3k Today: 1 10


A newer server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

Total: 192.6k 8.0M 45.0k Today: 737 4.3k


Suomi.social on yksi monista Mastodon-palvelimista. Tällä palvelimella toimitaan oikeilla nimillä. Sen on tarkoitus olla luotettava suomalainen kotipesä osana globaalia Fediverse-verkostoa.

Total: 56 10.4k 19.7k Today: 2 4


Hello! mas.to is a fast, up-to-date and fun Mastodon server.

Total: 170.3k 7.3M 45.3k Today: 402 1.3k


Dedicated to Ecology and Evolution. We welcome academics, students, industry scientists, folks from other fields with links to E&E, scientific societies, and nature enthusiasts in general.

Total: 5.2k 238.3k 28.5k Today: 23 41


A Mastodon instance for bots and bot allies.

Total: 8.8k 26.7M 40.7k Today: 373 899


Palvelin on tarkoitettu energia-aiheiseen keskusteluun kuluttajatasolta valtakunnan energiapolitiikkaan. Kotiautomaatio, energiatekniikka, -uutiset, -politiikka. Any language is OK.

Total: 13 3.7k 7.7k Today: 2 6


We're a server for people who like bikes, transit, and walkable cities. Let's get to know each other!

Total: 6.2k 358.2k 29.9k Today: 33 87


Blogi.social instanssi on nimensä mukaisesti tarkoitettu blogeille. Instanssin ajatuksena on tarjota paikka missä blogit voivat linkittää omaan sisältöönsä.

Total: 10 1.6k 5.0k Today: 2 3


A general Mastodon server for all languages.

Total: 73.5k 2.1M 62.5k Today: 109 680


Literature, philosophy, film, music, culture, politics, history, architecture: join the circus of the arts and humanities! For readers, writers, academics or anyone wanting to follow the conversation.

Total: 5.7k 693.2k 32.7k Today: 52 111


A small, intentional community for poets, authors, and every kind of writer.

Total: 3.6k 478.0k 39.7k Today: 54 174


Plant trees while you use Mastodon. A server originally for people in the EU, but now open for anyone in the world

Total: 11.9k 899.1k 32.7k Today: 56 127


A worldwide Mastodon instance from The Netherlands. Run by digital enthusiasts, inviting everyone, everywhere to join us in the #fediverse.

Total: 30.9k 1.4M 31.4k Today: 129 479


Mastodon.ART — Your friendly home on the fediverse for all things creative, all on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free. NO AI OR NFTs ALLOWED.

Total: 36.5k 3.3M 46.9k Today: 220 550


Suomalaisille käyttäjille tarkoitettu vaihtoehto Mastodonin maailmaan. Palvelun ylläpitää Pikaviestin.fi -tiimi ja palvelinresurssit tarjoaa kapsi.fi.

Total: 43 6.9k 16.1k Today: 0 0


H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online

Total: 1.4k 31.4k 18.5k Today: 3 9


C.IM is a general, mainly English-speaking Mastodon instance.

Total: 66.3k 2.2M 34.8k Today: 108 332


We welcome all marginalized identities. This Mastodon instance is generally for folks who are LGBTQIA+ and Allies with an interest in tech work, academics, or technology in general.

Total: 13.5k 2.6M 39.6k Today: 204 619


You can contact the admin of this Friendica server via the profile @utzer, also a contact via the details given here https://blog.utzer.de/kontakt/ is possible.

Total: 11 34.3k 29.9k Today: 2 43


ohai.social is a cozy, fast and secure Mastodon server where everyone is welcome. Run by the folks at ohai.is.

Total: 39.1k 1.2M 33.1k Today: 138 316


A place for your photos and banter. Photog first is our motto Please refer to the site rules before posting.

Total: 3.3k 470.7k 38.0k Today: 44 82


This is a fediverse instance run by T:mi AhlCode,

Total: 20.6k 148.6k 3.0k Today: 1 2


Welcome to this official Fediverse instance for climate justice activists.

Total: 9.8k 449.4k 24.0k Today: 28 95


A social space for people researching, working with, or just interested in AI!

Total: 10.6k 173.7k 29.1k Today: 11 27


Generic Mastodon server for anyone to use.

Total: 181.4k 5.1M 35.1k Today: 347 2.4k