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16799 nodes with 1800567.7M users and 328966.5M posts

This is an index of nodes that have been active in the last 24 hours. You can sort by daily or weekly posts and number of active users and search node addresses. (More information)

You can also filter by language (e.g. "lang:de") or nodes that are blocked (e.g. "blocks:threads.net").


The original server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

Total: 1.8M 83.4M 69.1k Today: 10.8k 53.0k


Русскоязычный сервер социальной сети Mastodon. Зона общения, свободная от рекламы и шпионажа, теперь и на русском языке.

Total: 2.7k 828.4k 42.3k Today: 67 239


A newer server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

Total: 193.6k 8.0M 44.9k Today: 862 5.1k


lor.sh is yet another mastodon instance.

Total: 4.5k 520.9k 33.8k Today: 30 125


Hello! mas.to is a fast, up-to-date and fun Mastodon server.

Total: 170.2k 7.2M 45.2k Today: 394 1.4k


QOTO: Question Others to Teach Ourselves
An inclusive, Academic Freedom, instance
All cultures welcome.
Hate speech and harassment strictly forbidden.

Total: 26.9k 1.5M 43.8k Today: 8 22


Сахалинский сервер социальной сети Mastodon. Зона общения, свободная от цензуры, теперь и для островитян (и не только).

Total: 18 2.9k 7.8k Today: 1 5


Это пространство для русскоязычных левачек, феминисток, квир-людей и их союзников, которые хотят найти альтернативу твиттеру. Становитесь крабами!

Total: 71 8.7k 8.1k Today: 2 6


Тризи.ру - узел децентрализованной сети Mastodon для свободного общения

Total: 20 146.7k 11.4k Today: 2 3


Отдаленный уголок Интернета Если хочешь поддержать, то: https://boosty.to/exohunt/donate

Total: 8 11.0k 6.3k Today: 1 1


Київський інстанс є частиною https://dcomm.net.ua. Українські локальні інстанси Mastodon були розгорнуті в 9 українських містах у серпні-вересні 2022 року

Total: 1.2k 130.5k 20.9k Today: 9 31


Hachyderm is a safe space, LGBTQIA+ and BLM, primarily comprised of tech industry professionals world wide. Note that many non-user account types have restrictions - please see our About page.

Total: 51.7k 2.6M 35.7k Today: 607 2.0k


LGBTQ friendly, substance tolerant, gender fluent server

Total: 33 26.9k 14.8k Today: 0 0


A general-purpose Mastodon server with a 500 character limit. All languages are welcome.

Total: 223.8k 15.3M 61.1k Today: 634 4.1k


Маленький островок приватности в огромном океане корпоративной лжи, лицемерия и наплевательства на человеческие свободы.

Total: 19 2.0k 15.3k Today: 1 2


Yet another Firefish Instance. Join to enjoy: - 20

Total: 513.0k 17.5M 14.0k Today: 1 2


A Mastodon instance for info/cyber security-minded people.

Total: 64.6k 2.6M 42.6k Today: 516 1.7k


Generic Mastodon server for anyone to use.

Total: 181.3k 5.1M 34.9k Today: 343 2.1k


I like Twitter, but, Mastodon it is so excited! Feel free to register it is server just for fun! Usefull links https://instances.social https://www.reddit.com/r/Mastodon/comments/yugh2o/some_useful_mastodon_lists/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Total: 7 9.7k 11.1k Today: 1 1


We are a community based around gaming, tech, entertainment, and more! Come join the Scuttlebug jamboree! (Signups currently undergoing manual review.)

Total: 2.5k 509.7k 26.8k Today: 68 180


toot.io is a fast, mainly english-speaking Mastodon instance.

Total: 11.4k 137.4k 30.2k Today: 12 46


Kolektiva is an anti-colonial anarchist collective that offers federated social media to anarchist collectives and individuals in the fediverse. For the social movements and liberation!

Total: 37.4k 2.4M 51.5k Today: 153 490


Total: 6 3.0k 4.4k Today: 1 1


FEDIsroot - Federated social network powered by Pleroma (open beta)

Total: 1.6k 27.7k 25.4k Today: 3 12


mstdn.io is one of the instance in the fediverse. We're an open-minded generalistic instance. Learn more here!

Total: 1.2k 1.6M 40.9k Today: 19 26


Український Mastodon для біженців з Twitterу. Twiukraine twiukraine.com Щоб додати посилання сюди з Твіттеру, використовуйте https://gotwu.me/@twiukraine/109523576844900640

Total: 2.1k 116.0k 15.7k Today: 10 31


This instance run by Tiwy57, Nomaxice, Deki, Blur and Roy is focused around the furry fandom and is open to all fluffies and scalies!

Total: 13.0k 1.8M 17.9k Today: 101 195


A general Mastodon server for all languages.

Total: 73.5k 2.1M 62.4k Today: 112 917


Metalhead.club is a Mastodon instance hosted in Germany and powered by 100% green energy.

Total: 5.4k 453.9k 37.0k Today: 49 122


Be excellent to each other, live humanism, no nazis, no hate speech. Not only for nerds, but the domain is somewhat cool. ;) No bots in general. Languages: DE, EN, FR, NL, ES, IT

Total: 8.5k 560.6k 23.3k Today: 32 52


Русскоязычный инстанс для тех, кто не желает ограничивать себя рамками микроблоггинга. Сайт предназначен для ведения личных и тематических блогов и доброжелательного общения

Total: 15 1.0k 26.2k Today: 0 0


K18plus social

Total: 49 9.9k 11.9k Today: 2 12


Akkoma: The cooler fediverse server

Total: 35 26.1k 22.8k Today: 2 8


Be one with the #fediverse. Join millions of humans building, creating, and collaborating on Mastodon Social Network.

Total: 78.7k 2.9M 28.1k Today: 285 1.4k


For people who care about, support, and build Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS).

Total: 1.3k 389.2k 58.4k Today: 42 65


Private server

Total: 30 2.2k 11.3k Today: 1 1


Маленький сервер мастодона для русских людей. Регистрации пока нет - только через админа.

Total: 7 861 1.3k Today: 1 2


We welcome all marginalized identities. This Mastodon instance is generally for folks who are LGBTQIA+ and Allies with an interest in tech work, academics, or technology in general.

Total: 13.4k 2.6M 39.5k Today: 214 855


Registration is currently closed. If you want in get in touch with users alex or shuro on this server :)

Total: 30 75.0k 13.2k Today: 1 1


Serwer dla osób polskojęzycznych, zlokalizowany w Krakowie, szybki, dobrze i przyjaźnie moderowany. Prowadzony przez Fundację Technologie dla Ludzi.

Total: 7.0k 152.7k 24.5k Today: 37 70


Персональный микроблог социальной сети Mastodon.

Total: 26 4.3k 7.7k Today: 0 0


Mastodon server focused on game development and related topics.

Total: 31.0k 1.2M 41.6k Today: 202 380


Svensk version av Mastodon.

Total: 450 110.0k 23.6k Today: 10 20