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16802 nodes with 1800567.7M users and 328966.5M posts

This is an index of nodes that have been active in the last 24 hours. You can sort by daily or weekly posts and number of active users and search node addresses. (More information)

You can also filter by language (e.g. "lang:de") or nodes that are blocked (e.g. "blocks:threads.net").


The original server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

Total: 1.8M 83.4M 69.1k Today: 10.8k 52.9k


Ukraine-supporting, LGBTQ-friendly, Mastodon server.

Total: 8 20.6k 11.1k Today: 3 719


Ще один сервер мастодон

Total: 14 56.2k 4.9k Today: 1 1


A general-purpose Ukrainian Mastodon server with a 4096 character limit.

Total: 12 563 776 Today: 9 187


A newer server operated by the Mastodon gGmbH non-profit

Total: 193.6k 8.0M 44.9k Today: 865 5.2k


Українськомовний інстанс Mastodon. Не новий, існує з 1 січня 23 року, але був на Akkoma. Перед реєстрацією читайте правила, бо за порушення буде блокування. Успіхів.

Total: 39 12.0k 11.8k Today: 6 27


Український Mastodon для біженців з Twitterу. Twiukraine twiukraine.com Щоб додати посилання сюди з Твіттеру, використовуйте https://gotwu.me/@twiukraine/109523576844900640

Total: 2.1k 116.0k 15.7k Today: 11 34


K18plus social

Total: 49 9.9k 11.9k Today: 2 12


Київський інстанс є частиною https://dcomm.net.ua. Українські локальні інстанси Mastodon були розгорнуті в 9 українських містах у серпні-вересні 2022 року

Total: 1.2k 130.5k 20.9k Today: 9 28


Від львів'ян, львів'янами для львів'ян. Модерує пан Nepezpeka (@mluts). Пешіть ваші петання.

Total: 66 8.8k 11.8k Today: 1 4


Ukrainian Akkoma Instance for cuties

Total: 38 4.9k 13.8k Today: 2 8


Мережа для всіх, хто любить Україну. Keep calm and love Ukraine!

Total: 62 1.8k 7.7k Today: 1 2


Hachyderm is a safe space, LGBTQIA+ and BLM, primarily comprised of tech industry professionals world wide. Note that many non-user account types have restrictions - please see our About page.

Total: 51.7k 2.6M 35.7k Today: 600 2.0k


Вітаємо в українськомовному федеративному інстансі "UA Fediland"!

Total: 200 16.6k 13.3k Today: 1 1


A general-purpose Mastodon server with a 500 character limit. All languages are welcome.

Total: 223.8k 15.3M 61.1k Today: 635 4.0k


ieji.de is a generalistic mastodon instance, with the goal of being the fastest mastodon instance in Europe and with a focus on user privacy, like being usable via the tor network.

Total: 14.2k 286.0k 39.5k Today: 18 50


Part of dcomm.net.ua. Decentralized communication tools you can use, even when Internet connectivity to Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook and others is no longer available.

Total: 35 7.1k 13.9k Today: 0 0


A Mastodon instance for info/cyber security-minded people.

Total: 64.6k 2.6M 42.6k Today: 519 1.7k


A place for your photos and banter. Photog first is our motto Please refer to the site rules before posting.

Total: 3.3k 469.3k 37.9k Today: 46 94


ohai.social is a cozy, fast and secure Mastodon server where everyone is welcome. Run by the folks at ohai.is.

Total: 39.1k 1.2M 33.0k Today: 128 317


UK Hosted and Managed Mastodon Instance. General communal space for discussion, everyone welcome!

Total: 79.4k 2.9M 33.4k Today: 308 1.3k


Ukrainers - україномовний Mastodon сервер

Total: 7 502 5.8k Today: 1 1


http://mstdn.science is a place for people our field (microbiology), scientists in general, and science enthusiasts to discuss research and topics surrounding our work.

Total: 7.0k 284.6k 105.2k Today: 25 78


A instance dedicated - but not limited - to people with an interest in the GNU+Linux ecosystem and/or general tech. Sysadmins to enthusiasts, creators to movielovers - Welcome!

Total: 11.4k 583.3k 42.4k Today: 19 44


Mastodon server focused on game development and related topics.

Total: 31.0k 1.2M 41.6k Today: 192 384


Mastodon.ART — Your friendly home on the fediverse for all things creative, all on a platform that is community-owned and ad-free. NO AI OR NFTs ALLOWED.

Total: 36.5k 3.3M 46.8k Today: 263 613