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16877 nodes with 1800567.8M users and 328973.5M posts

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Showing first 50 out of 227 of nodes with more than 5 users.


A Pleroma fediverse instance.

Total: 13 6.7k 11.4k Today: 9 236


TransFem.social: A safe space for transfem individuals and allies. Together, we build a stronger community.

(People moving from Tumblr are more then welcome here :3)

Note: Outlook is blocking our emails, signup with outlook emails is currently not possible but being worked on

Total: 740 105.5k 15.1k Today: 53 178


The original Pixelfed instance, operated by the main developer @dansup

Total: 108.6k 19.2M 24.2k Today: 130 181


comfy sharkey instance with the weird german instance name

Total: 531 795.3k 91.8k Today: 15 119


HJ's semi-personal instance

Total: 113 553.1k 24.6k Today: 3 150


A safe space for trans catgirls (and our allies) to thrive. This is the successor to Platypus Social. Rules can be viewed on the signup page.

Total: 54 41.0k 12.5k Today: 10 92


Just another fediverse instance

Total: 334 29.2k 9.8k Today: 2 80


Loforo.com is a fast, friendly and free microblog service that supports ActivityPub and Mastodon.

Total: 41.4k 5.1M 23.2k Today: 14 63


A comfy semi-open instance. NOTE: I have no email server set up, so if you need a password reset, contact me with proof that you own your account. Also, if you don't interact with minors, don't join (I'm a minor and also fuck fascists)

Total: 18 12.6k 11.0k Today: 1 16


A welcoming instance for all

Total: 31.8k 7.8M 15.8k Today: 30 66


Alt instance for froggie.town, a chill, queer micro instance to relax and have fun. (If you haven't received an approval email please check your spam! Gmail is stupid and I hate it)

Total: 44 26.8k 7.6k Today: 5 24


Queer, leftist and anti-fascist instance.

Total: 128 30.2k 17.2k Today: 2 21


We're a community built around anything and everything. 100% very real distant cousin instance of wetdry.world no fake guys trust me ;]

Total: 48 23.1k 5.2k Today: 2 18


woem! a smol instance running on withdrawal, the i

Total: 11 11.7k 9.8k Today: 2 24


A small and eepy semi-public Lockpick instance for silly creatures. For more information see https://eepy.zone/@blueb/pages/info.

Total: 35 9.4k 6.3k Today: 2 16


This Iceshrimp instance is part of the infosec.exc

Total: 650 41.3k 21.0k Today: 9 20


A Sharkey instance for the eepiest of eepy beings. Registrations are more-or-less open upon request.

Total: 36 47.8k 15.9k Today: 5 43


A cat friendly fedi instance running on Sharkey. We are a LGBT friendly space mainly for catboys and other furry friends but we accept any LGBT people and allies :3

Total: 38 24.9k 7.3k Today: 4 27


Are you a friend of Blåhaj? blahaj.zone is open for registrations for queer folk and their allies. We're a small instance, running on #Sharkey (a fork of #Misskey). If you're trans, gender diverse, or just really like plushy sharks, come and join us! We are accepting new members, but remember...

Total: 1.6k 167.6k 25.8k Today: 11 30


A general-purpose Sharkey instance, open for everyone. Small, personal, running on dedicated hardware. Currently in approval mode due to fediverse wide spam wave, just say something human in that field.

Total: 213 64.2k 230.9k Today: 5 14


We're bankrupt - see announcements for more information

Total: 12 11.3k 15.9k Today: 1 46


snug fedi instance for snuggly beings
Visit <

Total: 557 241.8k 23.4k Today: 7 28


A general interest Iceshrimp server run by the fin

Total: 203 31.6k 17.1k Today: 7 28


Ukrainian Internet Community

Total: 210 32.4k 21.6k Today: 4 22


Welcome to the Alico Nexus, a small Sharkey instance hosted in France for a few queer leftists located mostly in Europe. Currently invite only.

Total: 11 3.3k 2.0k Today: 1 31


Hey Freelancer, we're building the most diverse, inclusive, safe-space of a Freeport this side of Sirius. You in?

Total: 16 19.4k 11.5k Today: 5 39


We are the borg. Resistance is futile.

Total: 7 31.9k 16.3k Today: 2 19


Total: 15.6k 42 699 Today: 8 25


More human social media, powered by holograms! A cozy community of creatives, tinkerers, nerds, techies, and others. Inclusive, LGBTQ2IA+ and POC friendly. All are welcome to join 🌈

Total: 27 9.1k 15.4k Today: 5 16


A single-user instance run by Natty!

Total: 10 15.2k 9.0k Today: 1 10


Take a number.

Total: 77 16.3k 17.7k Today: 2 13


Personal Iceshrimp instance for me and my friends!

Total: 35 12.4k 12.9k Today: 3 10


hosted by OKSocial; exclusively for mirrors of Twitter accounts

Total: 85 53.8k 10.3k Today: 2 12


the only instance with both the horrors and the wh

Total: 44 99.2k 17.6k Today: 3 15


phoenix doing silly things (again) not a single user instance anymore, but only open to close friends

Total: 7 14.0k 9.7k Today: 2 7


Personal Sharkey instance for me and my friends <3

Instance information

Total: 117 66.9k 15.8k Today: 7 16


Federation.Network ist eine allgemeine deutschsprachige Instanz und (d)ein Einstieg in das Fediverse. Über das ActivityPub-Protokoll kannst du mit deinen Freunden auf Mastodon, Pixelfed, Lemmy & Co. kommunizieren, während du von Funktionen wie einem modernen und anpassbaren Interface,...

Total: 267 48.9k 14.4k Today: 5 11


A sharkey instance for catgirls and other catpeople and catthings :3

Total: 11 16.1k 12.7k Today: 2 25


instance for goofy people

Total: 15 12.7k 13.6k Today: 2 5


🍋 Лампочка - место, где люди делятся теплом излуч

Total: 94 17.1k 12.0k Today: 2 11


Metapixl.com a general purpose Pixelfed instance.

Total: 5.2k 1.9M 10.0k Today: 9 17


Welcome to KitsuClub! We're a friendly li'il instance for anyone and everyone to stop on by! Tumblr expats are welcome, _and_ outlook isn't blocking us! <3

Total: 264 71.9k 18.0k Today: 5 19


This Akkoma instance is part of My Privacy DNS, managed by Spirillen. Common usage is very welcome. Primary topics are about Internet privacy, security, RPZ (Response policy zone) and other Blacklist related topics. This server diverse from many other fediverse networks, as we prioritize your...

Total: 26 1.5k 6.5k Today: 0 0


BOFH is a friendly home for all geeks, nerds, and technologists.

Total: 15 5.9k 15.8k Today: 1 12


Just another server Brad Ganley spooled up. This one has "Shark" in the name 🦈 An inclusive place for those who happen to stumble across it.

Total: 10 1.1k 7.4k Today: 2 15


Зеркала интересных СМИ и каналов. Несмотря на название, это не roleplay-инстанс. По всем вопросам пишите @curator или @wonderfox@craba.cab (это одна персона).

Total: 71 29.0k 290 Today: 8 10


A general instance run by and welcoming of LGBTQIA+ people

Total: 7 8.9k 3.7k Today: 2 6


Pleroma: An efficient and flexible fediverse server

Total: 212 110.3k 23.8k Today: 5 16


A pleroma instance run by kotobank.ch

Total: 17 79.0k 20.1k Today: 1 3


My comfy fandom-leaning misskey instance. Admin is @Weeble

Total: 28 91.4k 13.9k Today: 1 3