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From space.com

In the last 25 years, black hole physicists have uncovered the unimaginable

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Even Albert Einstein himself didn't believe we'd be able to detect gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes.

#space #astronomy #cosmology #blackholes #astrophysics #spaceexploration

2h ago


From spaceaustralia.com

Omega Centurai’s Monster Black Hole | Spaceaustralia

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University of Queensland astronomer Dr Holger Baumgardt has played a role in an international team to help find the strongest evidence yet of an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole at the heart of the largest Globular Cluster that orbits the Milky Way – Omega Centauri.

#Astrodon #astronomy #blackholes #astrophysics #spaceaustralia #globularclusters

19h ago

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