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A chart of hourly posts over the last week (for big screens). A chart of hourly posts over the last week (for small screens).


From scientificamerican.com

We Must Face Down the Expanding Anti-Reality Industry

1 21

Exposing the antiscience playbook reveals the antiregulatory motives of its deep-pocketed bankrollers

#world #science #disinformation

on Fri, 6PM


From euractiv.com

Moldova enters a critical phase for fighting disinformation

3 3

Moldovan citizens will go to the polls for presidential elections and a referendum on the country’s future EU integration in October, but for Chisinau's pro-EU government, the bigger challenge until then is the fight against Russian disinformation.

#Moldova #disinformation

13h ago


From palestinechronicle.com

The Hidden Israel Lobby, US Student Protests & Academic Freedom - Interview with David Miller

1 1

In this episode of Palestine Chronicle – In Depth, Inlakesh interviews Professor David Miller, a leading academic expert on Islamophobia.

#us #bds #idf #gaza #hamas #naksa #Israel #miller #pogrom #racism

1h ago


From euractiv.com

EU imposes sanctions on Voice of Europe, businessmen over Russian 'disinformation'

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The EU has imposed sanctions on the news website Voice of Europe and two businessmen connected to it, officials said on Monday, extending penalties imposed by the Czech Republic which says the outlet spreads Russian propaganda.

#Russia #czechia #slovakia #eusanctions #EuropeanUnion #disinformation

14h ago

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