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From giangiskitchen.com

Easy Aztec Soup (Mexican Sopa Azteca Recipe)

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Aztec soup, a very refined Mexican soup. The aromatic roasted tomatoes and pasilla chilies in this soup make it perfect and delicious.

#Food #fediverse #flipboard #flipboardgroup

on Jan 21


From flipboard.com

The Recipe Exchange | @food | Flipboard

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Follow this Magazine for recipe inspiration, cooking hacks, and tips from Flipboard's foodie community. Want to join this community? Email your Flipboard profile username to food@flipboard.com to be considered for an invite.

#Food #dessert #fediverse #flipboard #flipboardusergroup

10h ago


From medium.com

How Flipboard Can Super-Charge Your Blog

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It’s safe to say that blogging is almost commonplace. It is the new business card. In today’s market, you need a blog to get not only seen…

#blog #flipboard #marketing

3h ago

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