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#1: on Tue, 3AM

From theguardian.com

LA ‘glass church’ designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son shuts amid landslide fears

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The Wayfarers Chapel, designed by eldest son of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was completed in 1951 and hosted star weddings

on Sat, 9AM

#2: on Mon, 6AM

From theguardian.com

In Rafah, we sit in flimsy tents as the bombs fall. There is no escape: we can only wait for the worst | Bahzad Al-Akhras

0 13

I work in mental health, but nothing could have prepared me for this feeling of mass hopelessness – frozen in place, seeing no way out, says Palestinian doctor Bahzad Al-Akhras

on Fri, 4AM

#3: on Mon, 4AM

From bbc.com

Google joins mission to map methane from space

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The tech giant is deploying AI to help identify large sources of methane leaks in satellite data.

on Wed, 2PM

#4: on Sun, 4PM

From cnn.com

US immigration and crime questions, answered by criminologists | CNN

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A new Pew survey finds that 57% of Americans say the large number of migrants seeking to enter the country leads to more crime. But scholars who have crunched past data say there’s essentially no connection between immigration and crime.

on Fri, 5AM

#5: on Sun, 1AM

From latimes.com

Opinion: I'm an American doctor who went to Gaza. What I saw wasn't war — it was annihilation

3 84

As a surgeon, I volunteered at a Gaza hospital. The conditions were unthinkable. With a ground offensive in Rafah, people have nowhere to go.

#genocide #warcrimes #gaza

on Sat, 9AM

#6: on Sat, 3PM

From theguardian.com

Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 724

0 2

Ukrainian troops pull out of Avdiivka in major shift on eastern frontlines; US leads global outrage over Alexei Navalny’s death

on Sat, 2PM

#7: on Sat, 11AM

From cnn.com

Live updates: Trump ordered to pay nearly $355 million in civil fraud trial

0 12

A judge has ordered former President Donald Trump and his companies to pay nearly $355 million in a ruling in the New York civil fraud case. Follow here for the latest live news updates.

on Sat, 9AM

#8: on Fri, 9PM

From newrepublic.com

An Infuriating Poll Finding About Trump Should Galvanize Democrats

0 2

Trump killed the border deal, but Biden is getting blamed. Here’s what Democrats need to do to turn that around.

on Feb 13

#9: on Fri, 7PM

From theguardian.com

Alexei Navalny death: dozens reportedly arrested in Russia protests as Biden blames Putin ‘and his thugs’ – as it happened

0 40

US president joins world leaders in outrage at Putin critic’s death in prison, while human rights observers report at least 73 arrests

on Sat, 1AM

#10: on Fri, 7PM

From bbc.com

Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in Arctic Circle jail, says Russia

0 71

Jailed Russian politician Alexei Navalny has died in a penal colony, the country's prison service says.

on Fri, 6PM

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