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From aljazeera.com

At least 48 killed in three Israeli air strikes in less than 1 hour in Gaza

7 7

Israeli strikes continue across the Gaza Strip, including on a school used as a shelter and near a UN operations centre.

#Trump #USpol #genocide #israeliwarcrimes #Israel #palestine #gazagenocide #gaza

16h ago


From dropsitenews.com

Palestinian Islamic Jihad: "Oslo Is Over"

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In a Drop Site News exclusive, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hindi, a top leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, discusses October 7, the war against Israel, and whether Trump or Biden would be better for Palestine

#plo #westasia #alaqsaflood #osloaccords #gazagenocide #pij #gaza #palestine

21h ago


From thesubmarine.it

Le IDF hanno bombardato il 70% delle scuole UNRWA di Gaza

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Dall’inizio dell’aggressione di Gaza il 70% delle scuole gestite dall’UNRWA è stata bombardata — il 95% di queste strutture era stata convertita in rifugio per gli sfollati quando è stata bombardata. Secondo le stime dell’ONU 539 sfollati sono stati uccisi mentre cercavano rifugio nelle scuole UNRWA

#gaza #gazagenocide #gazamassacre #thesubmarine

10h ago


From hrw.org

October 7 Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes by Hamas-led Groups

3 3

Hamas’ military wing – the Qassam Brigades – and at least four other Palestinian armed groups committed numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity against civilians during the October 7, 2023 assault on southern Israel. Governments with influence over the armed groups should press for the...

#PACE #Israel #17luglio #7ottobre #warcrime #warcrimes #gazagenocide #stopgenocide #freethehostages #humanrightswatch

13h ago


From redpepper.org.uk

The 'progressive' musicians putting profit over Palestine - Red Pepper

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Artists like Radiohead and Nick Cave are rejecting calls to boycott Israel. Their stance is morally bankrupt, argues Aisling Walsh

#bds #Israel #gazagenocide

18h ago


From actionnetwork.org

The new UK Government should impose an embargo on arms sales to Israel.

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In line with international law, and the ICJ ruling on there being a case of plausible genocide in the Gaza war, there should be an embargo on arms sales to Israel.


on Sun, 9PM


From foreignpolicy.com

It’s Time to Sideline Israel from International Sports

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A boycott of Israeli soccer could accomplish what other BDS efforts have failed to do: dent the country’s own sense of legitimacy.

#bds #football #mastodonfc #gazagenocide

on Tue, 4PM

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